The Braem Spirit

Passion and knowhow

In 1954, two brothers sharing an unbounded passion for trucks and motor vehicle engineering started their own workshop. Modest initially, in a hangar in Handzame in Belgium. This was to be the start of what would soon develop in the current Braem Gebroeders nv enterprise. A leading enterprise at the forefront of the heavy lorry service industry, offering a wide and comprehensive range of products and services right across national borders. 

The Braem spirit

Braem Gebroeders nv’s operative phrase is “professionalism, customer satisfaction and confidence”. Driven by the engine of our extensive team of qualified and motivated experts at every level, every service and every department. People who know what they are talking about. Who bring to bear their skills and craftsmanship every single day to offer each and every customer the ultimate satisfaction.
Braem customers are satisfied customers. Their customer loyalty and our unrelenting growth serve as proof.

Professionalism, customer satisfaction & trust

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