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There is a lot more to Braem nv than just trucks and parts. Our experts can handle all repairs, adjustments and overhauls, small or large. We offer you absolute perfection across the board.

Overhaul departments, specializing in reconditioning and testing specific parts and components:

Engines: our experts take your engine under their wing, giving it their exclusive and undivided attention when it comes to overhauling, repairing and testing your engine (Mercedes & MAN) on our test benches. In addition, we offer a complete range of exchange components including cylinder heads, air compressors, water pumps, connecting rods and injection nozzles.
Gearboxes: this team carries out repairs, ranging from replacing the synchronization right up the full overhaul of your gearbox (ZF, Mercedes, Eaton).
Injection pumps: a team of experts focuses on overhauling and testing your injection pumps on our high-tech test bench.
Differentials: a specialist team handles all repairs and carries out the necessary adjustments to your rear axle
Steering gearboxes: a team is ready to solve all problems involving the steering gearbox: repair and/or exchange of your steering gear housing, steering pump…
Brakes: this department completes overhauls of disc brake calipers, brake shoes and brake drums (also available in exchange).
Electronic components: overhauls of starters and alternators, extensively tested on our test bench (also available in exchange).
Hydraulic components: overhauls and repairs of tipper pumps and tipper cylinders.

Workshops that have every modern equipment, with various specialist departments:

Technical team: our mechanics provide full maintenance service and repairs of your truck. Your electrical and electronic problems are also resolved flawlessly.
Diagnostic centre: our fully qualified team calibrates tachographs and fine-tunes your speed limiter using the appropriate computer equipment. The diagnostic centre also conducts brake tests and performs diagnostic checks using ManCats and Stardiagnose.
Bodywork department: repairs, refurbishments and replacements of all body parts. This department also has its own cabin straightener.
Ultramodern spraying installation: the spray-painting team ensures a perfect and lasting finishing.
Chassis service: chassis shortening, extending and aligning operations are handled with skill and expertise.

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